Professional freelance photographer familiar with what makes a great shot or powerful images, offering 10 years experience. Employs diverse technical knowledge and artistic ability. Working in a wide variety of areas, special events, portraiture, travel, hotel photography, fashion photography, conceptual and commercial.

Capture high quality, experimented with different lighting effects to bring out unusual photos, which were, used great effect in advertisements.

  • Special events, including Royal weddings, parties, portrait, fashion, jewellery, Costume design, Hotel photography, cultural, heritage, festivals and Rounding Blue city tours and photography for European and VIP tourists.
  • Official photographer of Director Monica fontano & Nomad dance fest 2013-2016 - Milan, Italy.
  • Collaboration successfully with a variety of personalities and work styles. Conducted all photo shoots in a clam and professional demeanor.
  • Photo shoot for Maharaja of Udaipur on Holika Dahan Festival March 2013 The city palace - Udaipur, Rajasthan India.
  • Performed all Photo shoots in professional and friendly manner.
  • Built relationships and consulted with clients during pre and post production to meet their needs.
  • Collection photographer 2014-2015 Art/c Fashion designer from Morocco Assisted imaging team members with product styling , pre and post production.
  • Teaching Basic photography at ICICI Bank District 2015- jodhpur, Rajasthan conducted basic course of photography for 30 students.
  • Photoshoots for hotels
    • Cozy Guest House
    • Blue Haveli Guest House
    • Castel View Hotel
    • Junna Mahal Hotel
    • Bob Marley Hostel
    • The Mansion (Jaisalmer)
    • Haveli Inn Pal
    • Hostelavie
    • Apollo Hotel
    • Laiba Home Stay
  • Photoshoot with Director Valentina Manduchi & group Apsaras Bollywood Danza Indiana January 2016 - Rome , Italy.